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Whatever You Do, Don’t Miss These Photography Links!

Whatever You Do, Don't Miss These Photography Links!

Image by Arek Socha

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As another terrific week passes us by in the world of photography, we find Toad Hollow Photography curating a fresh list of links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs for photography enthusiasts of all walks to enjoy.  This weeks list is very diverse, covering topics and subjects from all corners and sharing images and articles created by contemporary artists and content creators in this space today.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

Photography Tutorials To Look Through

4 Very Clever Ways To Use Reflections In Your Compositions – this is a terrific list of tips and tricks in relation to shooting using reflections as a major compositional element.  Light Stalking’s very own Jason Row covers this subject comprehensively in this short post, and he also includes some terrific sample shots to inspire you to try your own.

Larry Neuberger

Larry Neuberger

Seven Things About Being a Photographer I Wish I’d Known Earlier – no matter what your level is in the realm of photography, if you are looking to move forward with your practice these tips and tricks are a must-read.  For some folks, these notes are mostly followed instinctively, but for those who are starting out and looking to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, this list is full of great tips and is well worth the time to read.

Tips for improving your panning technique – shooting anything that moves in situations where you want the subject to be tack sharp while the background is a blur of motion is one of the trickiest techniques I have encountered.  This brief 5 minute video tutorial shares some real-world tips and tricks that are sure to help you learn this technique, and the results are terrific and well worth the efforts.

‘Counterflow’ Is a Photo Series Showing the Impact of Composition – artistic tension is a property of Gestalt, one that can turn an OK photograph into one that creates a strong feeling in the viewer.  This feature article discusses off balance compositional techniques by shooting crowds facing or moving in one direction with a lone soul moving in the opposite direction to entice the sense of wonder in the viewer, and as such creating rich artistic tension in the frame.

How to properly set up a light stand – Jay P. Morgan stars in a brief video tutorial that shows you the basics on how to properly setup a light stand for on-set work.  The concepts are common sense based and very straightforward, but for those who are just getting started with using off camera lighting, they can be quite helpful.

Mary Shattock

Mary Shattock

Tips for Working with LED Lights in the Studio – Joe Farace delivers some insightful tips and tricks for those working in a studio environment with LED lighting sources.  This primer should be enough to get you started, and help you understand your next series of questions that need answering as you traverse the path to becoming an expert.

Some Special Features

Giant Mantas of Socorro – join world-renown David duChemin as he explores the underwater world with a focus on sharks, dolphins, and the giant oceanic manta ray.  The images David captures on his whirlwind adventure are breathtaking, revealing a look into a world that sits below the surface with creatures that are totally unique to it.

Simply Great Photography

Dubai Interchange 1 – Daniel Cheong does it again, this time delivering a complex vertical panoramic image shot using a tilt-shift lens, showing us all how his advances techniques can result in mesmerizing imagery.  This shot features a busy interchange in the heart of Dubai city as night falls, with amazing light trails from moving traffic to add a dash of the dynamic to the composition.



entrance island lighthouse . . . – local Vancouver Island photographer ƊƦคƓ๏ƝŦlץƊгєคɱʂ88 captures and shares a stunning shot of one of our lighthouses and its associated elements.  As a helicopter hovers the vibrantly red structures at the facility pop out of the frame against the backdrop of the ocean’s blue.

Wild Little Owl – this shot begins and ends with the delightful little owl that sits perched atop a wooden fence post.  Simon Roy’s photograph also takes advantage of a shallow depth-of-field to isolate the wee character from it’s great backdrop, along with some bucolic elements found in the old wood fence and its associated details.

Red Sails – Len Saltiel grabs a great shot from a ferry that features a plethora of sailboats out and about, enjoying the day.  A lone boat with vibrant red sails punctuates the composition, creating a focal point in the bright color that draws the eye into the frame.

Polar bear with cub. Mother love – a truly heart-rending shot that features a mother polar bear interacting with her absolutely adorable cub.  Anton Belovodchenko’s wonderful image really shows us the warm and delightful character that forms the basis of these incredible creatures, as found and photographed in their natural habitat in a candid moment.

Rob MacKay

Rob MacKay

Sunset Ride 3 – a lone windsurfer takes advantage of the perfect conditions just before sunset in this great action based shot from Edith Levy.  Beautiful colors in the evening sky accent the composition, finishing it off perfectly.

Landing – landing with a sense of style and grace is what this wonderful photograph by Stefano Ronchi is all about.  An owl inbound on a landing spot is perfectly captured in this shot that features terrific details in this sharp frame.

Another New Start – Lexington Bound – Jim Denham frames a large life change within a frame of context in this wonderful sunrise photograph that features a still lake and a early morning sky.  The colors in the sky dance off the gentle ripples of the water, creating a terrific reflection that adds a perfect element to the landscape.  Good luck on the new start, Jim!

Box Repsol

Box Repsol

FREE BONUS MATERIAL: One of the keys to taking awesome portraits is, you guessed it, sharp eye focus. If this is something you’re keen to nail, download our free Sharp Eyes Cheat Sheet. It will enable you to have some great tips on hand, whenever you need that reference point! Download it here.

New Year’s Torchway, mt. Lussari – a New Years scene is carefully composed and captured in this jaw-dropping shot by MythLands.  Taken in the darkness of night as a light meanders its way downhill, a group of people and buildings at the top of the slope adds a perfect touch to this composition.

The streets of Copenhagen – join Jim Nix as he wanders the streets of this old and captivating city, capturing scenes that feature the cobblestone streets and the heritage architecture that the city is so famous for.  Each of the frames shared in this post showcase the wonderful character of this place, so if you love old European scenes you will love this feature.

Kuan – the pure concept of artistic tension comes to life in this terrific photograph by Jennifer Bin.  As a lone brave soul stands at the precipice of the edge of a skyscraper, a busy city hurries below, leaving the viewer with a distinct sense of wonder and curiosity in regards to the sentinel standing on the brink of personal disaster.

Takuma Kimura

Takuma Kimura

Moulton Barn – widely believed to be the most photographed barn in the US, the Moulton barn sits under the watchful gaze of the Teton Mountains.  Bob Lussier captures this iconic scene and processes his shot in black-and-white to accent the drama of the landscape with the barn as the major star in the frame.

The View – a four shot panorama is captured and carefully processed to highlight warm hues in this epic picture from Joe Brownfield.  The wide format and crisp details truly deliver a sense of scope and scale in this picture that highlights the beautiful city of Manhattan under cover of the night.

Teton Spring – colors really pop in this great shot from Michael Criswell that focuses on vibrant yellow flowers reaching for the heavens as the majestic snow capped peaks provide a perfect backdrop.  Michael uses a shallow depth-of-focus to isolate the flowers from the backdrop while still maintaining the raw ambience of the region and its features.

Dancing House in Prague – a fascinating architectural study by George Papapostolou features a very unusual and unique building in the heart of this old city.  Fast moving light trails from moving vehicles on the right side of the frame add a terrific dimension of movement to this terrific piece.

Frédéric BISSON

Frédéric BISSON

Garden Blooms – for those who love macros of flowers, vibrant colors and senses of joy captured in a frame, this is a post you must see.  Rachel Cohen photographs and shares a set of flower themed shots in this post, all exhibiting natural beauty in design and color.

NYC – David Martín Castán shares a unique take on an often-photographed segment of the city of New York in this piece shot under cover of night.  With the sun either setting or just beginning to rise in the left part of the shot, light streams into the heart of the frame, creating a sense of optimism and joy.

Your Own Land (Shane) – Mark Garbowski frames a terrific bucolic shot taken in the Tetons with quotes from a well-known movie in this post.  The remains of a homestead designed as a set for the movie still stand (somewhat) and Mark captures a shot of those against the backdrop of the dramatic mountain range.

Corridor of Power at Canterbury Cathedral – a strong vanishing point is created by this great composition of an ancient corridor at a cathedral that looks like it came straight from the Harry Potter movies in this piece posted by David Stoddart Photography.  Terrific textures and details are highlighted in this architectural study of ancient facilities.

Slow it down – a snow covered landscape is cut by a meandering road as night falls, with fast moving cars adding light trails to create a sense of motion within the static surroundings.  James Green’s incredible shot also features a lamp from a brave skier who is enjoying the serendipity of a late evening jaunt down the mountain.



Who’s There? – CJ Schmit visits an urbex location, coming away with a terrific black-and-white shot that shows an abandoned hallway in a dilapidated building.  Light streams in through the doors that are ajar in the hall, creating a strong feeling of artistic tension and curiosity for the viewer.

Interesting Photography Blogs

The Myth of Color Management – the concept of white balance and color management is one that is often discussed in the field of photography, with opinions ranging wildly from one spectrum to the other.  This article gives some real-world advice on the topic, allowing you to pick and choose what and how you apply from these concepts in your own practice.

Andrea Securo: Breathtaking Images of Dolomites – this is a great Q&A session with landscape photographer Andrea Securo.  The article covers several key topics in terms of what drives a great landscape photographer and includes some of Andrea’s work as an anchor for the piece.

SOME FREE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT…BEFORE YOU LEAVE: One of the keys to taking awesome portraits is, you guessed it, sharp eye focus. If this is something you’re keen to nail, download our free Sharp Eyes Cheat Sheet. It will enable you to have some great tips on hand, whenever you need that reference point! Download it here.

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Hard, soft, specular and diffused lighting and how it affects your subject

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¿Qué lleva en la mochila Pete Souza, el fotógrafo de Obama?


Hace unos meses ya os hablamos de Pete Souza, fotógrafo oficial de La Casa Blanca y responsable de su Instagram, a propósito de la recopilación de sus mejores fotos acompañando al Presidente Obama.

Sin duda, "trotamundos" es una palabra con la que se puede definir a este fotógrafo que recorre todo el mundo detrás del Presidente de los EEUU y se enfrenta constantemente a circunstancias siempre cambiantes. Por eso, imaginamos que su equipo está cuidadosamente seleccionado para ser capaz de enfrentarse a todo tipo de situaciones y salir airoso de ellas.

Y aunque en aquella entrada ya mencionábamos algo sobre el tipo de equipos que suele utilizar, Souza ha revelado a la revista Popular Science cuál es el equipo que lleva en su mochila y con el que documenta día a día la vida del hombre más poderoso del mundo.

¿Qué es lo que lleva en su mochila?

En el Instagram de Souza ya comprobamos que muchas de las fotos estaban hechas con una Canon EOS 5D Mark III, y es que ésta réflex es su principal arma de trabajo. Por lo que pudiera pasar (y como era de esperar) Souza lleva dos cuerpos del mismo modelo. No en vano tiene la gran responsabilidad de fotografiar los encuentros de Obama con todos los líderes mundiales y los personajes más famosos, y en estos casos hay que minimizar cualquier riesgo.

Además, es interesante saber que Souza suele emplear su cámara en el modo silencioso para reducir el sonido del obturador durante los encuentros a alto nivel del Presidente de los Estados Unidos con lo líderes del mundo.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III frontal

En cuanto a los objetivos, su lista incluye sólo tres Canon: dos con focal fija y uno de longitud focal variable. Los dos primeros son conjuntos de lentes que ofrecen calidad, luminosidad y ligereza, tres factores importantes para cualquier fotógrafo profesional (y desde luego para Souza).

El primero es un Canon 135mm f/2.0 L, un teleobjetivo corto para cuando necesite fotografiar algo desde cierta distancia (no mucha, lógicamente). El otro es un Canon 35mm f/1.4 L, un angular estándar con ángulo de visión de 63° y que ofrece una gran luminosidad.

El otro objetivo que completa su equipo es un zoom Canon 24-70 F/2.8 L II, uno de los buques insignia de la firma dentro de su gama profesional. Eso sí, según Popular Sciencie, a Souza no le gustaba la primera versión de este objetivo, pero con la renovación que se produjo en el diseño de la segunda (añadiendo tres lentes muy baja dispersión para disminuir las aberraciones cromáticas) dice que se ha convertido en su elección principal.


Por ultimo, Souza también suele llevar una compacta para sus "ratos libres” según Popular Science. En concreto una Fujifilm X100S de la que Souza destaca su sensor equivalente al de un réflex pero en un cuerpo mucho más ligero (eso sí, conviene saber que hay un modelo más reciente de esta cámara, la X100T con un AF más veloz). Interesante ¿verdad?

Fujifilm X100S frontal

Foto de portada | The White House (Flickr)

Vía | Popular Science

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La noticia ¿Qué lleva en la mochila Pete Souza, el fotógrafo de Obama? fue publicada originalmente en Xataka Foto por Óscar Condés .

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Behind the scenes: Lighting a portrait in Compton by David Honl

Behind the scenes: Lighting a portrait in Compton by David Honl

Today we have the pleasure to feature "Lighting a portrait in Compton". Written by photojournalist David Honl (website), we hope you enjoy with this story

I recently shot a


of former rival gang members in Compton, California. They laid down their guns and started a catering business out of a small home kitchen, delivering homestyle meals to Compton neighborhoods and the surrounding communities of South Central Los Angeles.

Great guys with a dream coming to life (and their food is delicious!). Check out the short video for some background on what I used to get the shot.

Technical details:

-Sony A7R with 24-70

-Lumopro LP180 flash with

Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox

-Honl Filters added to light background: Egg Yolk Yellow from

Color Effects Kit

and Jade from the

Environment Green Kit

You can see his photos from this shoot over at

This article and all the images were originally published on David Honl´s blog (here) and shared with permission

About David Honl:

David Honl's images have appeared in such publications as Newsweek, People Magazine, New York Times, Professional Photographer, and countless more. A self described, "photographer at heart, " Honl is tireless in his photographic efforts, with a body of work that spans the globe.

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Shooting Coffee Splash Ad Photos for Peet’s Coffee

What lighting to use and when by Alexi Lubomirski

What lighting to use and when by Alexi Lubomirski

Answering a question from subscribers,


talks about "LIGHTING" and he describes how for a long time he only used one light

About Alexi Lubomirski:

Alexi Lubomirski

Fashion photographer and author of PRINCELY ADVICE for a HAPPY LIFE and MENSAJES de un PRINCIPE All proceeds of which go to the charity Concern Worldwide

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